FRL 2.4h - Silverstone roundup

Round 4 of the FRL 2.4Hr European Championship saw David finally make his racing debut at a cool and cloudy Silverstone. He certainly hit the track in style and put the Positive Perception Aston Martin 5th on the grid for the start of the race.


David took the first stint of the race and made good start moving up into 4th place down the Hangar Straight. The now 5th place Jurgutis then out braked himself into Stowe, ran into the back of David and half spun while David himself made a great save and kept hold of 4th. From then on the whole of David’s first stint, some 21 laps and 42 minutes, he and the top 3 cars in front were in a near constant nose to tail battle for the lead, often trading places in some fantastic close, clean racing. David came into the pits at the end of the 1st stint still in 4th and nailed his position in the pit box to hand over to Ash.

Coming out of the pits Ash found himself with 10th placed Heilemann who’s momentum saw him hold on to the position. Ash was right on him though and took the 10th position for himself a little over a lap later. After the first round of pitstops shook out Ash was up to 3rd place and right behind 2nd place Dos Santos in his R8. On lap 30 a brilliant out braking manoeuvre saw Ash move up into P2. Initially Ash began to pull away, but by lap 37 Dos Santos was back right on Ash’s tale pushing to retake 2nd place. Dos Santos kept Ash under real pressure but Ash kept his nerve, even when lapping the slower GT4 cars and on lap 43 broke the tow of Dos Santos and opened up some breathing space. Ash pitted for the boys second and final planned stop on lap 46.


David took over and exited the pits in 8th position which would become 2nd again as those in front took they’re final stops of the race. David’s final stint was relatively quiet compared to the first! Unable to close the gap on 1st but constantly pulling further ahead of 3rd behind him he brought the Positive Perception Aston Martin home for a fantastic 2nd place finish – great job David and Ash!!


Positive Perception with Dunn Motorsport have climbed the championship table to sit 5th overall, only 7 points off 4th and 11 off 3rd. The final round takes place at Hungaroring on November 20th.