We've held (to date) 8 main series' of top quality racing on ACC, with more ideas booked for the horizon to fully whet your racing appetites. Our community always leads the ideas, and always has a say in the seasons we race.

Check out the previous seasons results below!

PPGT3 Season 9

Pro and Overall - Myles Dixon (ONiD Racing)
SIL - Jay Brooker (T1SR)
AM - Harri Touminen

PPGT3 Season 8

Pro and Overall - Karolis Jurgulis (Pulse Simsport)
SIL - Matt Cumisky
AM - Oskar Motin (HEX)

PPGT4 Season 2

Pro and Overall - Richard Pixsley (wildthings)
AM - Adriano Gregorelli (EOS)

PPGT3 Season 7

Pro and Overall - Markus Hagel (Pulse Simsport)
SIL - Thomas Van Der Struis (Orkapoes)
AM - Robert Beasant

PPGT4 Season 1

Pro and Overall - Richard Pixsley (wildthings)
AM - Steve Derrick (PRO GT Racing)

PPGT3 Season 6

GT3 Pro and overall - Kyle Wright (swmd)
GT3 Silver - Carlo D'Orazio (EoS)
GT3 AM - Mike Richards

PP-TCX Series 1

1st - Paul Heyhoe - Slip&Grip Sim Racing
2nd - VIP CAR - Aristolis, Denise Pope, Ross McGregor, Tom Bunton
3rd - Mark Raddenbury - Positive Perception Racing

PosPer GT(5) - Einzelmarken Meistershaft

GT3 Pro and overall - Matty Zentko (swmd)
GT3 Am - Peter Phillips
Cup - Mark Cooper (Redbull)

PosPer GT(4) - pre 2019 season

GT3 Pro and overall - Kyle Wright (swmd)
GT3 Silver - Josh Coupland (slip&grip)
GT3 AM - Mark Cooper (Redbull)

Positive Perception GT(3)

GT3 and overall - Ant Brown (slip&grip)
GT4 - David Wressell

Positive Perception Season 2

GT3 and overall - Jonathan Seville (Pulse Simsport)
GT4 - Ant Brown (slip&grip)

Positive Perception with VRCC 

GT3 and overall - Simon Wilks
GT4 - Richard Pixsley (wildthingsrace)

British GT

GT3 overall - Ant Brown (slip&grip)
GT4 overall - Mark Raddenbury (Positive Perception)