We've held (to date) 10 main series' of top quality racing on ACC, with more ideas booked for the horizon to fully whet your racing appetites. Our community always leads the ideas, and always has a say in the seasons we race.

Check out the previous seasons results below!

PPGT3  Season 10

Pro and Overall - Gabriel Gaspar (Positive Perception eSports)
SIL - Yoran Omlo (Positive Perception eSports)
AM - Lisa Louise Keen (Red Hair Racing)

PPGT4 Chevrolet V8 Supercars

Overall - Martin Thorpe (Dick Johnson Racing)
Team - Brad Jones Racing

PPGT3 Season 9

Pro and Overall - Myles Dixon (ONiD Racing)
SIL - Jay Brooker (T1SR)
AM - Harri Touminen

PPGT3 Season 8

Pro and Overall - Karolis Jurgulis (Pulse Simsport)
SIL - Matt Cumisky
AM - Oskar Motin (HEX)

PPGT4 Season 2

Pro and Overall - Richard Pixsley (wildthings)
AM - Adriano Gregorelli (EOS)

PPGT3 Season 7

Pro and Overall - Markus Hagel (Pulse Simsport)
SIL - Thomas Van Der Struis (Orkapoes)
AM - Robert Beasant

PPGT4 Season 1

Pro and Overall - Richard Pixsley (wildthings)
AM - Steve Derrick (PRO GT Racing)

PPGT3 Season 6

GT3 Pro and overall - Kyle Wright (swmd)
GT3 Silver - Carlo D'Orazio (EoS)
GT3 AM - Mike Richards

PP-TCX Series 1

1st - Paul Heyhoe - Slip&Grip Sim Racing
2nd - VIP CAR - Aristolis, Denise Pope, Ross McGregor, Tom Bunton
3rd - Mark Raddenbury - Positive Perception Racing

PosPer GT(5) - Einzelmarken Meistershaft

GT3 Pro and overall - Matty Zentko (swmd)
GT3 Am - Peter Phillips
Cup - Mark Cooper (Redbull)

PosPer GT(4) - pre 2019 season

GT3 Pro and overall - Kyle Wright (swmd)
GT3 Silver - Josh Coupland (slip&grip)
GT3 AM - Mark Cooper (Redbull)

Positive Perception GT(3)

GT3 and overall - Ant Brown (slip&grip)
GT4 - David Wressell

Positive Perception Season 2

GT3 and overall - Jonathan Seville (Pulse Simsport)
GT4 - Ant Brown (slip&grip)

Positive Perception with VRCC 

GT3 and overall - Simon Wilks
GT4 - Richard Pixsley (wildthingsrace)

British GT

GT3 overall - Ant Brown (slip&grip)
GT4 overall - Mark Raddenbury (Positive Perception)