Introducing - Positive Perception Racing

Well, we finally did it. We managed to get a group of similar strength racers together and we have formed up for sim racing domination.

I say domination, we're all very much average Joe's, just out there to gave fun on track and maybe bring some success to the PosPer brand.

The full team roster for 2022 is here on the website, and could well expand! Our cars will all be rocking a new style of livery so we will be very visible both on and off track (more on the design and why we did what we did another time). 

For now, we are looking at events next year with a solid focus on big endurance type events. After the success for some of us at Spa in the 24 hour marathon, we are definitely keen to do more and more. Of course the team drivers will also be getting stuck into smaller races too. 

So, if you see us on track give the boys a cheer.