It's..... Colin!

This time around for our blog postings, we caught up with Colin Dunn! The man behind Dunn Motorsport and all round fantastic admin for Positive Perception. Colin is also a multiple times Welsh Saloon Car champion is his fantastically bright Clio!

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Positive Perception : How did you become involved with Sim racing?

Colin Dunn : “I started out with what most people would call racing games, rather than sims, the first I remember playing a lot is Network Q RAC Rally Championship back in the 90s. The diversity in cars, some familiar names on the doors, and a lot of door bashing in the multicar mode was a great draw. The first game I put time into on a wheel was Forza Motorsport 2, a really good halfway house between game and sim. Then the sim racing started at the beginning of lockdown, when RC racing stopped and me and Mark needed something else to do. I got a second hand wheel and started GT4 racing on ACC.”

PP : We all know you've got an awesome clio tucked away in your garage, what can you tell us about it?

CD : “My little championship winning Clio. It's sat somewhat unloved this year, needing a couple of jobs to make it ready for next season. Still in the process of trying to finalise what 2024 will look like, but it should be out racing again.”

PP : Do you think there are enough similarities between the world of Sim racing and Real life racing? What would you like to see developers do to bring things closer together, if indeed you want them to be?!

CD : “There are lots of similarities between sim and the real world. My best example was my first time visiting Thruxton with the WSSCC. I'd done a lot of hot hatch racing on AC in advance, I was surprised at how accurate things like the kerbing detail are. It meant when I set out in qualifying, as others were learning the track I already knew the lines, and I knew which kerbs to abuse or avoid. It meant I outqualified a number of cars that I wouldn't normally. Unfortunately I didn't quite have the confidence in real life to brake as late in to the final chicane as I did in the sim.

There are some things I like about sim racing that take you away from reality, like being able to set weather to sunny, being able to add driver aids to cars you're not comfortable in while you learn, or not having to pay for car repairs/maintenance.”

PP : You're our head steward here at PosPer; what's your biggest tip you can give to drivers when they're starting out with us and want to improve?

CD : “Be Patient! My favourite misquote from listening to Radio LeMans is "Not every run has to be a move". Sometimes the best course of action is to wait. We normally have 60 minute races which means there is plenty of time to get the overtake done. Picking up damage on turn 1 because you've run into the back of someone, or put it 3/4 cars wide might gain you one spot now, but will cost you more over the race distance. If you're careful and watch the traffic unfold, you can find the safe gaps and gain time that way. When battling patience can be valuable too, making the move at the first chance might cost you more time in the overall battle than waiting for the corner exit.”

PP : We've done some gorgeous liveries for you over the seasons, but which is your favourite?

CD : “The Clio 16s that me and Jamie Buchanan partnered up in. Great bright livery, a little bit retro, a little bit modern and it stood out on the streams and screen shots.”

PP : Of ALL the cars available to you in the world of Sim racing... What's the one car and track combination that makes you grin from ear to ear?

CD : “The precursor to the series above, the Clio 16s on Oulton Park Fosters circuit. They were absolutely mad to race. Bump drafting on every straight, 2 wide corners, super exciting racing. And to boot, because it's Oulton Park, even practising and qualifying was good fun.”

Thanks to Colin for taking the time out to have a chat with us! We hope it’s inspired some of you to grab some kit and get racing! Be that virtually, or in real life!