Oh Davide...

We went for a virtual sit down with the second in command of the Positive Perception powerhouse. The man behind the mic who also runs the iRacing paintshop here. Young David Wressell is the focus of this little Q&A session! Grab a brew and a bourbon biscuit and read on!

Positive Perception : Thanks for taking the time to chat today David. What drew you to want to work with Mark at Positive Perception?

David Wressell : “He'll rip me for saying this... But he's one of the few people in this arena who isn't satisfied with what he's got so far. I wanted something I can help push forwards, and I think we can all say we've done that so far!”

PP : When designing cars for clients, do you have a go to style or anything you always include?

DW : “I'm always keen to refer back to what the client wants, but if it's a clean slate, I like to take inspiration off liveries from other designs in the past. Sometimes from the same car, sometimes something completely different. I love an aggressive style so lots of lines and sharp angles are a must for me!”

PP : How hard is it to work on the various cars in iRacing and make the same design work on them?

DW : “iRacing makes design work much more straightforward than some of the other Sims on the market. Their wireframes are normally pretty easy to work with thankfully. If I'm doing multiple cars for a fleet though, I always try and understand the spectrum of car styles I'm working with at the get go so I can build a design that works across every style of car.”

PP : Best livery you've had the pleasure of designing?

DW : “Has to be the Quad Dash Team liveries! Tristan always comes prepped with a super detailed brief and that means they always come out looking amazing. Special shout-out to Dan at RunCNC for his fleet too - they were the complete opposite in the sense of very little brief, but the cars came out brilliantly!”

PP : You're also the voice of PosPer with the GT3 stream. Do you have any commentators that inspire your style?

DW : “And proud of it! An example of how we've grown in the last year or so. Like most, I take massive inspiration from the late Murray Walker, his ability to transcend the situation he's overseeing and say the right thing at the perfect time was incredible. Aside from him, Charlie Cox is a big one too! Him on the old school BTCC Comms is a massive vibe!”

PP : Dinner party! Which 3 people past or present are you inviting?

DW : “God what a horrible question! Probably an eclectic mix, but Murray Walker has to be in there just so I could quiz him on everything he'd seen across his years in Motorsport. Secondly, Dave Grohl, partly because I love the Foo Fighters and also because he seems like a top laugh to spend an evening with! Finally... Marcelo Bielsa. Nothing related to to Motorsport but for the same reason as Murray Walker, being a massive Leeds United fan means I'd have to have the chance to experience El Loco in the flesh.”

PP : Where do you see PosPer in years to come?

DW : “I'd love to see us mixing it with the big boys, especially from an eSports POV. I won't give too much away but 2024 will be a big move in that arena for us! Aside from that, continuing to see PosPer grow from the behemoth it's become in the last year or two would be great. We've been sensible about how we've grown and am confident we can keep that up!”

Thanks to David for taking the time to have a chat to us! Certainly some interesting comments going on!