Super fast female racer time!

We went and grabbed the always smiling Lisa Louise Keen for our latest blog over here at Positive Perception. Lisa needs very little introduction on a race night, she’s always giving it her all in voice chat and sometimes on track. Grab a brew and enjoy our little chat with her!

Positive Perception : You are the current, reigning, More Female Racers AM champion. Do you think there should be more female-only events in the world of Sim and IRL racing?

Lisa Louise: "I'm in 2 minds about this, I like MFR as a championship and proud of what I achieved, but in my mind Motorsport isn't necessarily about physical strength like swimming, athletes, or team sports. It's more about your driving and setup abilities, which then show in lap times. So in one way it's good things like MFR exist to attract more females in the first place, but keeping them interested means open and welcoming series of mixed genders to keep people interested and wanting more."

PP :What's your approach on a race day? Do you prep loads before or just drive and hope?

LL :"For me it all depends on what time I have, with choir practice and gigs, RC car prep, and RC racing, and masonic meetings, trying to design and 3d print stuff to name most of what I get up to In my free time, I struggle to find the time most weeks. Thursday night is usually my only night to race and I try and do it religiously. I sometimes try and get my RC prep out of the way early In the week so I can sneak a few hours here and there but more often than not on the night I get my setup and put work done."

PP :Do you have any real life drivers whom you look up to?

LL :"Many of the V8 supercar drivers, but Shaun Van Gisbergen in particular, I used to be undecided about him but after winning the first round in 2021 I think from the back of the grip with a fresh broken collar bone, and with myself having what's called a ac separation level 3+ of my left shoulder. He immediately had my respect. And then on watching how he approached a race and being a tyre whisperer he would always finish near or on the podium, And his talents in a GT3 are not too shabby, shame he is moving to America for NASCAR, a big loss to the series. Also I am a big Lando Norris Fan, and I love the papaya."

PP:We've noticed a trend for you to always be in a BMW. Is this a choice based on your real life car or just what works for you on the virtual track?

LL : "Well I am a bit of a BMW fan girl. And yes my RL car is a BMW 5 series, and now I have spent a lot of time with the M4 gt3 and recent setup changes it seems to suit me. Although I do like the Merc in ACC as well. Suppose it's. Front Engine Rear drive thing. Have tried a couple mid rear cars and just not fuelled with them."

PP : You're a pretty dab hand with RC racing as well! Do you think there are any crossovers to be had between the two sports?

LL :"Most if not all setup knowledge is a crossover and would be true in most Motorsport, also having reasonable hand eye coordination is good. Other than that the actual controlling of the cars is a very different discipline."

PP :What are your top 5 favourite tracks to race on?

LL :"Ooo I would have to say Imola and Watkins I tend to go well at, I love a bit of Pount Panorama. I like Kyalami even though I never seem to go well there, and Spa has to be in there."

PP : Would you like to see the MFR series make a comeback, and will you be on track for it if it does?

LL : "Yes and Yes, racing with Positive Perception of course. And especially if it's a single make series."

Our epic thanks to Lisa for taking the time to have a chat to us, who knows where this fast moving female will end up next!