The man, the myth... the super casual - Myles Dixon

Ahead of our fully packed out Season 10, we caught up with the reigning GT3 PRO champion, Myles Dixon! Myles has raced with us at Positive Perception since the very start, so to finally have a championship under his belt must feel pretty special indeed. He’s the former owner, and runner, of Pulse Simsport. And now races for ONiD eSports in their iRacing, AC and ACC teams!

Read on to see what makes this man tick.

Positive Perception : You are the reigning PosPer GT3 champion, and you've been with us a while, how does it feel to add that title to your virtual trophy cabinet?

Myles Dixon : It feels good to finally be a Champion at PosPer, I've had many chances but due to life commitments I've had to pull out of the Championships. I managed to win the first 3 races of the championship which gave me a big enough gap to take it easy.

PP : We were sad to see Pulse closing after such a long time. What was the greatest achievements you can remember from racing with them?

MD : There were loads of great memories and achievements with the team, we went from a team which just raced for fun to a eSports team signing top drivers. I think the one which stands out the most is winning the 1st round of the LFM VEM Championship Race against top teams like Veloce, Williams & more

PP : A new home at oNiD. How different is the race team structure there compared to where you've come from? Did you have to adjust to it or did it flow naturally?

MD : Since joining oNiD I've been more relaxed as I don't have the pressure of running a team anymore. The team is basically structured the same as Pulse so I managed to fit in perfectly fine. I've also been racing in their league for a couple of years winning many Championships there.

There is now a oNiD eSports team where they've put the fastest drivers together in the team to enter eSports events for this year which I'm looking forward to.

PP : You're also not a bad 5th scale RC racer! What plans have you got for this year?

MD : Yeah, the RC racing has been on and off with luck but the results have been very good once everything goes to plan. This year I'll be doing the BRCA 5TH Clubman Championship and the European Championship race in Lostallo Switzerland.

PP : We've seen you're back for Season 10, but in a different machine, the AMR Vantage. Any tips you want to share for the Bossman as he will be in one too?

MD : Yeah I'm back for season 10, I picked the AMR Vantage thinking the new LFM BOP will be ran but found out that it won't be so I'll be moving over the Lambo. Tip is to stay away from it haha.

PP : The only livery we've ever done for you, was an AMR GT4 way way back for SSR leagues. If we did do you a livery, what real life inspiration would you throw our way?

MD : That's a good question, I'm not too sure on that one to be honest. I'd say my RC Car design but that'll be changing again this year, I'd probably say the Absolute Racing Porsche 992 Livery.

PP : You're famously casual in your approach to a race. Often only hopping onto a server just before Q and then setting the timing charts alight. What's your secret?

MD : There's no secret if I'm honest. I mostly do these league races as fun and try to see how well I can do, I'll turn up in official Practice to get my tyre pressures and fuel load for the race sorted and go from there. The only time I practice is for Endurance races as I wouldn't want to let the team down.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Myles, and we wonder if you can do the double!