The Start to the middle...

We started as a social media company, can you believe it? We evolved during the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK (social media clients dried up), to where we've got to at the moment! 

High class, custom liveries are our absolute bag (baby) with some high end clients, fully appreciating our absolute anal level of detail on ALL designs.

...the future

With the success of our liveries, came the success of our racing servers. With ACC and AC leagues happening every month, throughout the year. We're growing exponentially.. and we will keep on expanding!

The Team

Mark Raddenbury

The chief! Head designer, PosPer owner... All round "ideas" man. Loves a brew.

David Wressell

Second in command of the PosPer empire. Loves a bourbon biscuit

Colin Dunn

The Dunn Motorsport supremo! The one who calms Marks ideas down...

We also have a solid backroom team! These guys are the ones that calm us down. Reign the ideas down.. and generally, help make the PosPer way the right way.

The backroom team

Jamie Buchanan

"The Noisy One"

The man who runs the "secondary" PosPer series'. Also has a house full of kids and a mahoosive dog. Newcastle raised, so tricky to understand.
Ash Coupland


So called, because he forgets a lot of things we tell him. A damn fine racer though and enjoys being a steward to tell the plums off.

Mark Cooper


Works at a Non-descript, Engineering firm near Milton Keynes that might have a bull for a logo of their F1 team. Cannot confirm. He's great with glue though.

Rich Pixsley

a "wild thing"

Races for the WildThings team, but is always on hand to offer advice and banter. Especially useful to clear the air during stewarding discussions.